Brodie & Middleton

Vintage Logo Design

As an old friend New Internet Technologies ordered me to create a vintage logo design for an old British style logo for a 170 years old company. Brodie & Middleton is theatrical supplier since 1840.

Brodie & Middleton - Vintage Logo Design

How to make Vintage Logo Design?

  1. Make a research for the desired century
  2. Choose vintage font families relative to the brand and period
  3. Choose vintage design elements typical for the desired period
  4. Start designing your vintage logo design
  5. Make combinations, play with the typography, slice the word

My opinion on creating vintage logo design is not so easy job. I am 100% sure no one of us was born in the 18th century, so nobody saw how designers created their logos then. So, we need to jump deep into the past in different possible ways with Books, Libraries and our favorite Internet.  To make the logo looks really from the past and vintage I made a little research (as I suggested in the steps) about logo design in Great Britain before 2 centuries.

My research shows the frequent usage of monograms, nice typography following different curves and paths, a combination of bolder, serif fonts with light, thin fonts.

So I included: 

  • Monogram
  • Font weights mixing
  • Typography curving

And avoided:

  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Noises
  • Color and Element blending

Colors used

#5f957f #184b3d #231f20 #e6e7e8

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