marado web design

Was real pleasure for our team to adapt this free web design theme of WP Explorer for customer needs.
Marado are real professionals. We created the website within an only 6 meetings.

Example of Minimalistic Company Website Design

First two meetings we discussed the web design targets with the contact person Marieta. She has the same thinking like us about the web design vision. Together we choose a minimalistic design. So we stopped our choice on Portafolio theme.

Used Colors

We made some changes in the design with the colours with black and grey for text, lines and dividers, and white for backgrounds and empty spaces.

Next meeting we spent on categorising the products in the company portfolio. Is really nice when the customer has good pictures of their production and good ideas how to organise it.

Typography in the web design

Typography in this project is very serious part of the web design goals. We decided to use Roboto Font Family from Google Web Fonts because supports Cyrillic letter. Combining Roboto Condensed Bold Roboto Regular for headings and sub-headings with Roboto Light for headers and content text. The weight of light version the font was good enough for normal screen reading.

The base content colour is medium grey (#444) and headings use heavy black (#000).

In some of the pages, we use full-width background image sections giving good content separation.



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