List of Country Locale Code

This is a simple output of all locale codes. You can find your country and locale here.
If the locale code is not mentioned here, you can create it for your case following the instructions.


How to construct your country locale code

Let's see the Arabic (Egypt) - ar_EG locale code. First is the language code ar followed by the country code EG. Lets imagine that you are speaking greek and you are living in Cyprus your language code will be el  and your country code will be CY and the full local code will looks like el_CY.

List of Locale Codes

Albanian (Albania) sq_AL
Albanian sq
Arabic (Algeria) ar_DZ
Arabic (Bahrain) ar_BH
Arabic (Egypt) ar_EG
Arabic (Iraq) ar_IQ
Arabic (Jordan) ar_JO
Arabic (Kuwait) ar_KW
Arabic (Lebanon) ar_LB
Arabic (Libya) ar_LY
Arabic (Morocco) ar_MA
Arabic (Oman) ar_OM
Arabic (Qatar) ar_QA
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar_SA
Arabic (Sudan) ar_SD
Arabic (Syria) ar_SY
Arabic (Tunisia) ar_TN
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar_AE
Arabic (Yemen) ar_YE
Arabic ar
Belarusian (Belarus) be_BY
Belarusian be
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg_BG
Bulgarian bg
Catalan (Spain) ca_ES
Catalan ca
Chinese (China) zh_CN
Chinese (Hong Kong) zh_HK
Chinese (Singapore) zh_SG
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW
Chinese zh
Croatian (Croatia) hr_HR
Croatian hr
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ
Czech cs
Danish (Denmark) da_DK
Danish da
Dutch (Belgium) nl_BE
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL
Dutch nl
English (Australia) en_AU
English (Canada) en_CA
English (India) en_IN
English (Ireland) en_IE
English (Malta) en_MT
English (New Zealand) en_NZ
English (Philippines) en_PH
English (Singapore) en_SG
English (South Africa) en_ZA
English (United Kingdom) en_GB
English (United States) en_US
English en
Estonian (Estonia) et_EE
Estonian et
Finnish (Finland) fi_FI
Finnish fi
French (Belgium) fr_BE
French (Canada) fr_CA
French (France) fr_FR
French (Luxembourg) fr_LU
French (Switzerland) fr_CH
French fr
German (Austria) de_AT
German (Germany) de_DE
German (Luxembourg) de_LU
German (Switzerland) de_CH
German de
Greek (Cyprus) el_CY
Greek (Greece) el_GR
Greek el
Hebrew (Israel) iw_IL
Hebrew iw
Hindi (India) hi_IN
Hungarian (Hungary) hu_HU
Hungarian hu
Icelandic (Iceland) is_IS
Icelandic is
Indonesian (Indonesia) in_ID
Indonesian in
Irish (Ireland) ga_IE
Irish ga
Italian (Italy) it_IT
Italian (Switzerland) it_CH
Italian it
Japanese (Japan) ja_JP
Japanese (Japan,JP) ja_JP_JP
Japanese ja
Korean (South Korea) ko_KR
Korean ko
Latvian (Latvia) lv_LV
Latvian lv
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt_LT
Lithuanian lt
Macedonian (Macedonia) mk_MK
Macedonian mk
Malay (Malaysia) ms_MY
Malay ms
Maltese (Malta) mt_MT
Maltese mt
Norwegian (Norway) no_NO
Norwegian (Norway,Nynorsk) no_NO_NY
Norwegian no
Polish (Poland) pl_PL
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt_PT
Portuguese pt
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO
Romanian ro
Russian (Russia) ru_RU
Russian ru
Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) sr_BA
Serbian (Montenegro) sr_ME
Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro) sr_CS
Serbian (Serbia) sr_RS
Serbian sr
Slovak (Slovakia) sk_SK
Slovak sk
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl_SI
Slovenian sl
Spanish (Argentina) es_AR
Spanish (Bolivia) es_BO
Spanish (Chile) es_CL
Spanish (Colombia) es_CO
Spanish (Costa Rica) es_CR
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es_DO
Spanish (Ecuador) es_EC
Spanish (El Salvador) es_SV
Spanish (Guatemala) es_GT
Spanish (Honduras) es_HN
Spanish (Mexico) es_MX
Spanish (Nicaragua) es_NI
Spanish (Panama) es_PA
Spanish (Paraguay) es_PY
Spanish (Peru) es_PE
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es_PR
Spanish (Spain) es_ES
Spanish (United States) es_US
Spanish (Uruguay) es_UY
Spanish (Venezuela) es_VE
Spanish es
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE
Swedish sv
Thai (Thailand) th_TH
Thai (Thailand,TH) th_TH_TH
Thai th
Turkish (Turkey) tr_TR
Turkish tr
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk_UA
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi_VN
Vietnamese vi

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