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SMPL Studio – My new workplace

I want to announce my new creative union with Maria Basheva. We will stand behind the brand "SMPL.std" shorthand of Simple Studio. The studio will be doing high quiality minimal design and development work for clients and our personal projects. Will try to keep our projects under the same brand with different extensions - SMPL.mrkt, SMPL.go, SMPL.design and etc. [custom_button style="btn_normal btn_type16" icon="icon-external-link" target="_blank" href="https://smpl-studio.com"]Go to the web studio[/custom_button]

Why I choose WPML to make WordPress Multilingual?

An article about how to make WordPress Multilingual with 3-rd party plugins. As you might tried, there are few translation plugins to make your Wordpress working with many languages. Some of them are quite useful but not at all. In this article, I will share my experience in converting Wordpress website into a Wordpress Multilingual website. Why I choose WPML. Why and bought Multilingual CMS Lifetime Licence long ago. How this helped me a lot and return the investment hundreds of times. Identically as me before few years, you might be in the same situation right now full with many...

Matcha slab & Matcha script handmade calligraphy

I want to introduce you Matcha font made in Chile with NYC taste.Here I will share the recipe behind this cool font. Blended with a natural touch of energy and organic essence. Well balanced with accents of modern proportions and gestural strokes Los Andes (more…)

True North – Vintage Monoline Script Font

True North font family is one of best selling typefaces to date made by Cultivated Mind. In the first place True North family is released almost two years ago. As a result this toolkit family has passed the test of time - making it a great investment for anyone looking for a fun, functional handmade typeface that isn’t going out of style any time soon. (more…)

Load WordPress Posts outside of WP installation

This Article is about How to load wordpress posts with featured images in PHP script and of course AJAX. This task requires a bit basic skills with PHP and Javascript. I will show you a small snippet of code how to load WordPress functions in your external PHP script. I used this snippet to load blog posts via AJAX on static HTML page with jQuery. There are few simple steps: 1. Load wp-load.php to have all WordPress functions available in your PHP script. 2. Create a loop to show post with featured image 3. Output the loop to browser (send...