Hey, my name is Simeon Atanasov. I'm almost 30 years old, born on 25th November 1986 in Sliven, Bulgaria, but live around the world. I studied advertising graphics in Sliven to 2005. Then studied Engineering Design at the Technical University – Sofia.

During this time, attended to 3D graphics and design, worked, studied and engaged with Web Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design. During my studies, had worked as a freelancer and as a junior web designer in several companies.
At that time I already professionally dealt with the creation of websites and web applications.

I have more than 7 years of experience and knowledge about websites from different aspects of prototyping, designing, creating them. I spending my time as a web designer, front-end developer or developing my own ideas. At my spare time, I am a biker, pool player, mountaineer.

Currently, I am a freelance web designer and developer based in Aarhus, Denmark opened for new opportunities and projects.

Professional resume


Web development

I specialized myself in front-end development. Here are the languages I know perfectly. HTML - 2003, HTML5 - 2010 CSS - 2003, CSS3 - 2010 Javascript - 2006, jQuery - 2009 PHP5 - 2009, PHP7 - 2015 MySQL - 2009

Graphic and Web design

Also as a graphic designer, I have long experience with graphic design software like: Adobe Photoshop - since 2001. Professional works with software from 2005. Corel® Draw - since 2002. Professional from 2005. Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects - 2010 Adobe Creative Suite - Since 2007 fully works with –źdobe Creative Suite CS3 and above.


Web development skills

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, AngularJS, mySQl, OOP, MVC, CMS, WordPress, Joomla. Themes and plugin development.

Graphic and Web design skills

GUI, Framework, Covers, Headers, Slideshows, Banners, Call to Actions, Grid systems, Responsive design

Other skills

Finding bugs, Improving UX & UI, Banner Ads, Facebook applications development & marketing campaigns, Social Media Marketing.


Trough my education I shaped myself as a designer and trough my working experience as a front-end developer.

Primary school

Secondary mainstream school "P.K. Yavorov" - Sliven
1993 - 2000 / Website / Facebook

Here I started my studentship. Most of my classmates are now successful experts around the globe. This school gives me the basics of mathematics, Bulgarian language, physics, chemistry, biology, literature, history and etc.

High school

National School of Arts "Dimitar Dobrovich" - Sliven
2000 - 2005 / Website / Facebook / Advertising Graphics

Knowledge about aesthetics, simplicity, design basics, colors, composition, typogaphy, combinatorics, painting, drawing, advertsing basics, posters, branding identity. Thesis: 10 tasks - 1 brand identity, 1 logo, 1 font table, animation, 6 posters with different themes.


Technical University - Sofia
2005-2009 / Website /Engineering Designer

Knowledge about shapes, forms, usability, ergonomics, convenience in design, marketing, advertising, 3d modeling, software ergonomics, typography. Specialized in Graphic Design. Bachelor thesis: Branding Identity of a mobile company.

Inspiration and tribute

Draws its strength from better, stronger, greater than him. Its leaders are very successful in life, people with business estimated at millions. Leaders who fluent audience regardless in which side of the World is located. People whose experience he absorbs every drop.


He loves to read financial literature, reading books on personal growth, to monitor the global economy, doing web design, to attend various web projects to create diverse web projects to watch good unconventional movies, 3D and classical animation. Loves to walk on solid food restaurants, not fast. He likes to meet new and unknown people to improve the way of thinking and understanding of the world.


Luckily, it is highly believer. He believes in success, happiness, beauty, love, honesty, abundance, luck, in itself, in the other. No religious beliefs. The only religion that would appeal to him is Buddhism.

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